Loyalty Bonus

Here you will find all information about our loyalty bonus program!
What is the loyalty bonus program?
With our loyalty bonus program we thank you for your loyalty. Regular customers benefit the most from our loyalty bonus program, as they can accumulate loyalty bonuses through repeated purchases from us and have them offset in their orders.
We thank you with 1% loyalty bonus for every purchased and loyalty bonus entitled article. The respective amount of the loyalty bonus is displayed on the product pages. In the case of special promotions, individual articles or entire product ranges can be specially rewarded with a significantly increased loyalty bonus.

How can I participate in the loyalty bonus?
To collect loyalty bonuses, you need to register in order to take advantage of a customer account. Either click on the "Customer login" icon in the top menu area or go directly to the "Create account" registration page. Then fill out the form with your data. Or you indicate with your order that you would like to create a customer account. In both cases the same data will be requested.
For future orders, you do not need to enter the data again. In that case, logging in with your e-mail address and password will suffice.

Where can I view my loyalty bonus?
You must be logged in to see your loyalty bonus in the customer account.
Your current and available loyalty bonus is displayed as your current balance in the customer account.
You can see there how much loyalty bonus you have received. You can see there how much loyalty bonus is still outstanding.
You have the possibility to be notified about your loyalty bonus.
Just activate "Please short email me when my loyalty bonus is available".

How will the loyalty bonus be settled?
The collected loyalty bonus can be redeemed with a new order in the shopping cart. The loyalty bonus is displayed as a voucher in the shopping cart. If you want to continue collecting the loyalty bonus, remove the checkmark from Use credit. If the checkmark remains active, this amount will be charged at the end of the ordering process.

Loyalty bonus and discount codes
If you enter a discount code, no loyalty bonus will be charged.
The loyalty bonus will be deactivated automatically.

Loyalty bonus and special offers
Special offers are excluded from the loyalty bonus.

Loyalty bonus and vouchers
When buying a voucher, no loyalty bonus will be charged, the calculation will be charged when redeeming the voucher.

When does the loyalty bonus expire?
The loyalty bonus expires only if no further purchases are made within 180 days.

Can the loyalty bonus be paid out?
No, the loyalty bonus is only intended to be offset against an order. The loyalty bonus cannot be passed on to others.

Are there any limits for redemption?
The minimum and maximum value for redeeming the loyalty bonus will be displayed as a voucher in your shopping cart.

What happens to the loyalty bonus in case of returns or revocation?
The loyalty bonus will only be automatically credited to your customer account after the right of withdrawal has expired. In case of later returns, the loyalty bonus for the returned items will be credited back. In case of revocation, the loyalty bonus will also be revoked.

If you have any questions about the loyalty bonus program, please send us an e-mail.